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    Digistar Projection Options

    Configured for You

    Digistar 7 offers a variety of projection systems for domes of all sizes (3-30+ meters)

    Single Projector

    Full Digistar capability in a compact package, available with a wide range projectors suitable for diverse dome environments and budgets.

    Multiple Projector

    Additional projectors provide higher brightness and resolution. E&S Auto Blending and Auto Alignment guarantee perfect display.


    Ultra-high resolution for remarkable clarity and realism.

    Advanced Display Options

    Photos of Digistar AutoBlend feature

    Auto Blending & Auto Alignment

    Optional systems that automatically align the geometry of multiple video projectors, while adjusting brightness and edge blending between projectors. With one click, the system automatically quickly calibrates to within 0.5 pixel accuracy.

    3D Options

    Active Stereo and INFITEC Stereo support at 60 FPS per eye.

    High Frame Rates up to 120 FPS

    Digistar offers video and real time playback at up to 120 frames per second, four times the industry standard of 30 fps.

    By doubling or quadrupling the number of frames played back over the same amount of time, the perceived resolution of the scene goes up dramatically. Motion appears much crisper and less blurry since the human eye sees much more visual information every second.

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